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We see beyond the numbers

We see beyond the numbers to learn about your family and your personal financial goals.  We learn about your business and factors affecting your industry. We know our clients and they know us. It’s that knowledge that sets us apart.  Since 1981, WZB has been serving the Puget Sound region. In many cases, we’ve been serving clients for generations. If you are a potential client, we’d like to develop that connection with you as well.

Of course we handle compliance whether it be reviewing your company’s financial statements or preparing your tax return.  However, we like to hear from our clients about potential changes that can affect their business or personal tax returns and be proactive in the tax planning process.

Are you planning to sell your company? Developing a succession plan? Are you wondering what the tax implications are for your latest stock awards? Thinking of starting a new business? Pondering retirement decisions?  Let’s have a conversation.

From simple to complex

Whether you are retired, own a small to mid-size business, or help lead an international corporation, we can tailor our accounting and tax services to meet your needs. Our clients include individuals, corporate executives, business owners and related entities.

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We are local

WZB is located in Seattle, Washington. Whether a Pacific Northwest native or transplant into the greater Seattle area, all members of WZB have Seattle roots that run deep.  You might run into one of us on a local hike, see us out with family and friends, or help us cheer for our local sports teams.

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We are current

Tax law and accounting rules are complicated and always changing.  Our team stays on top of the latest developments through continuing education courses.  Rest assured, we will pass on the relevant information to you, our clients.

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